WELCOME TO OUR PAGE: rhizome.org. Pardon the dust!

On November 2, 2015, we're going to relaunch rhizome.org with an entirely new design created in partnership with longtime supporters Wieden+Kennedy, and implemented by Rhizome's Senior Developer Matthew Conlen. (They're so busy building it that this "Under Construction" appeal had to be hand-coded by the new Director.) Timed to usher Rhizome into its 20th anniversary in 2016, this new site is beautiful, and all about delivering the best possible experience of art on the internet.

And yet while the dust is particularly thick right now, Rhizome has been under construction since 1996. We're always evolving, always seeking new and innovative ways to serve our mission: supporting contemporary art which creates richer and more critical digital cultures. As of November 2, this evolution will look like the gorgeous new site, but also major commissions and targeted support for net art, substantive online exhibitions, influential critical writing, visionary digital conservation initiatives, and much more.

You might have noticed we said "WELCOME TO OUR PAGE." This is because Rhizome depends on the support of the network of art & technology enthusiasts that bookmark our homepage, tab our articles, share and comment on our work on the social media sites, and attend our events IRL and URL. That's you, and together we need to raise at least $20,000 to sustain Rhizome's work.

Support Rhizome today. Help complete the new rhizome.org by enabling us to fill its webpages with art and ideas for the year to come!

thermometer day 111

To acknowledge your support, we have some special gifts, too. With a $60 membership, you'll receive this once-in-a-lifetime, limited edition "Bad Logo" t-shirt designed by W+K. Break our new style guide in style:
With a $45 membership, you can receive either a "Technology is Incredible!" tote designed by Beautiful Company or a rhizome1996 jogging hat designed in-house (both while supplies last):
And with a $1,000+ membership, you'll be invited to become a member of the Rhizome Leadership Council, which entails exclusive events (studio visits, tours, conversations, and more), complimentary New Museum and Rhizome tickets, and closer access to our work, plus the $60 gift.

Support Rhizome today. Support Rhizome today. Support Rhizome today.

P.S.: Learn more about vernacular "under construction" aesthetics from the early web in this piece by artist Olia Lialina.